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Solid-state reversing contactors can be used for applications with high switching frequencies up to 3 kW. SIRIUS 3RR2 current monitoring relays The overload relays of the SIRIUS family, available as mabual thermal or solid-state versions, protect loads connected to the main circuit, as a function of the current, and manuwl protect other switching and protective devices in the particular load feeder.

The Win-Soft Starter selection and simulation program can be downloaded free of charge from: Fuses, controls and overload relays must be ordered separately. The higher the motor rating, the more important these functions because they make it unnecessary to purchase and install protection equipment such as overload relays.

It leaves the set start ramp during the ramp-up — the ramp gradient is fixed by the starting voltage and the ramp time — as soon as the selected current limit is reached. Save this product mnual the following list s. Only soft starting available for 3RW More about lead time.

It creates a motor ramp-up that mankal uniform in speed, torque and current rise, thus permitting a particularly gentle, two-phase starting of the motors. The actual current of the device is approx.


Contents Everything for the electrical cabinet: Reduced wiring in the main circuit thanks to the brilliantly simple infeed system, incl. 3rw4056-6gb44 if ever the soft starter trips, various reset options are available the same as with intrinsic device protection and motor load protection: Device versions with thermistor motor protection evaluation are available up to a rating of 55 kW at V.

In addition to Class 10, 15 and 20 it is also possible to switch off the motor overload protection if a different motor management control device is to be used for this function, e. The field-related emissions comply with Type Number Max. Please enter your name and your e-mail address.

Siemens SIRIUS Modular System |

The phases of the soft starter are connected in series with the individual motor windings. Reduce paperwork and access all invoices in one place using My Account. This cuts down on heat losses, enabling 3rw406-6bb44 more compact design and making external bypass circuits superfluous. For corresponding device versions with integrated thermistor motor protection or separate thermistor evaluation devices see Catalog LV 1.

Request higher bulk rates. Expert technical support on hand Our expert team have over 25 years experience solving problems and providing expert advice. Screw connection busbar adapter: They can be used in the widest range of applications to exploit the advantages of soft starting for the easy and efficient realization of optimum 3rw44056-6bb44 concepts. Maximum connection flexibility Of course, all components of the SIRIUS modular system are also available with the screw-type connection system — largely even with ring cable lug — for special requirements, e.


3RW4056-6BB44 – Soft Starter 90 kW @ 400 VAC – Siemens

This accelerates device connection and offers maximum operational reliability. As an option the thyristors can also be protected by SITOR semiconductor fuses from short-circuiting so that the soft starter is still functional after a short-circuit type of coordination 2.

Soft starters reduce this starting current by means of their voltage ramp. Included in the scope of supply 3RW44 3.

The Win-Soft Starter selection and simulation program can be downloaded from: The Class 74 offering includes all of 3rw4056-6bn44 features of the Class 73 in a combination style design. The bypass contacts already integrated in the soft starter bypass the thyristors after a motor ramp-up is detected. Thanks to the integrated motor overload protection according to IEC there is no need of an additional overload relay on the new soft starters.

You can find further information on the Internet at: Operation and commissioning can be performed with the menu-controlled keypad and a menuprompted, multi-line graphical display with background lighting. Technical specifications Type 3RW40 2.