Mangostin is a natural xanthonoid, a type of organic compound isolated from various parts of the mangosteen tree (Garcinia mangostana). It is a yellow. The anticancer activity is induced by xanthones such as alpha-, beta-, and gamma-mangostin which are major constituents of the pericarp of mangosteen fruits. In order to obtain the biological active compound, α-mangostin, from the traditional native mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.), an extraction.

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Mangostin – Wikipedia

To identify cleaved c -caspase-3 protein, immunohistochemcal staining was performed on tumor tissues collected from mouse xenografts as described in the Material and methods. From the perspective of cell proliferation, cancer cells can be defined as being resistant to cell cycle control Representative staining profiles for 10, cells per experiment are shown. Apoptosis and the cell cycle.

It is mangoston necessary to find naturally-derived substances to serve as anticancer drugs that ,angostin capable of specifically targeting cancer cells, with limited side-effects and potent anticancer effects. The percentage of viable cells relative to the untreated control cells was estimated. International Journal of Molecular Medicine 37, no.


The culture medium was replaced every 2—3 days. International Journal of Molecular Medicine Apoptosis, otherwise known as programmed cell death, is characterized by a number of well-defined features, such as condensation and fragmentation of chromatin, internucleosomal DNA cleavage, caspase activation and the translocation of phosphatidylserine from the inner to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane Multiple Ras-dependent phosphorylation pathways regulate Myc protein stability.


Int J Aloha Sci.

Sign up for eToc alerts. A comparative study of effects of aversectin C abamectin and ivermectin on apoptosis of rat thymo-cytes induced by radiation and dexamethasone.

Anti-cancer effects of xanthones from pericarps of mangosteen. Cancer is one of the most life-threatening diseases worldwide, and the incidence and mortality of cancer in Korea have continuously increased due to various acquired risk factors, including a Western diet and environmental factors 1. All animal experiments were performed following the approval of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee according to the guidelines of Kongju National University.

The percentage of sub-G1 cells in the control group was 0. Tumor size was measured using Vernier calipers Mitutoyo, Kawasaki, Japan. Medicinal properties of mangosteen Garcinia mangostana. A clinicostatistical analysis of oral cancer patients for alpba 8 years. Alpha-mangostin inhibits intracellular fatty acid synthase and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells.

Antimicrobial activities of Garcinia mangostana. On day 22, mice were sacrificed and tumors excised. Cancer statistics in Korea: The results of immunohistochemical analysis of cleaved caspase-3 were similar to those of western blot analysis Fig.

Antibacterial activity of xanthones from guttiferaeous plants against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 37, Caspases are further classified into initiator and effector caspases. Thus, the distinct characteristics of apoptosis i. The animals were housed in cages and allowed access to sterilized water and commercial rodent chow Biopia, Seoul, Korea ad libitum. Initiator caspases are activated by death signals to further activate the effector caspases Caspases are key factors that control apoptosis and are involved in a common pathway of various apoptotic signals.


B Membranes incubated with the anti-Bcl-2 antibody.

A marked difference between the treated and control groups was observed beginning on day 8 following treatment Fig. The cells treated with DAPI staining was performed to identify the morphological changes associated with nuclear and chromosomal condensation.

Mitochondrial control of cellular life, stress, and death.

Introduction Cancer is one of the most life-threatening diseases worldwide, and the incidence and mortality of cancer in Korea have continuously increased due to various acquired risk factors, including a Western diet and environmental factors 1.

Anti-inflammatory activity of mangostins from Garcinia mangostana. April Volume mangoatin Issue 4.

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Antioxidant xanthones from the pericarp of Garcinia mangostana Mangosteen. The cells were then washed twice and resuspended in RPMI medium. Bcl-2 family proteins control manhostin permeability and are located in the mitochondrial membrane or move to the mitochondrial membrane to induce apoptotic cell death The apoptotic cells were analyzed quantitatively by flow cytometry to determine whether the morphological maangostin observed in the DAPI-stained chromosomes were caused by apoptosis.

Caspase activation and PARP cleavage are typical characteristics of apoptosis Surgical therapies, radiation therapies, medications and other current treatments for oral cancer are associated with a low treatment efficacy and severe adverse effects; thus, in general, oral cancer has a poor prognosis.

Bao Q and Shi Y: