On March 12, Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, “The New Species”. It is very brief – approximately words. As she expressively forbids reposting. Amitakh Stanford – Xee-A Twelve Rescue Quotes. Uploaded by oneironaut. This document compiles all of the references to the Rescue, True Light vs Darkness. By Amitakh Stanford Many times I have discussed how the Anunnaki Elite are cordoned off from the Earth. This was of their own doing. When they fled the Earth .

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These stories have absolutely nothing in common, and only a complete moron would even think that combining these stories would be a good idea. Proof of this statement can be found on XeeATwelve.

The website is a collection of her memoirs detailing her heroic adventures of fighting aliens and digging up ancient secrets with the help of her divine wisdom. To sane people, it is the best comedic science-fiction book ever written. To conspiracy nutsit is a sacred work of absolute truth given to us by the “True Light”.

Before you begin reading this article, here are a few things you should familiarize yourself with, just to amltakh things less confusing:. In a nutshell, Xee-A Twelve amiatkh that Inner Earth exists, two races of Anunnaki aliens are at war for total domination of Earth, the sun is a cube, and that Darkness has created this entire universe as a giant illusion, and we are all slaves wtanford his illusion. If you still aren’t convinced sanford the author was either high when she wrote this or is just generally stupid, here is a more in-depth summary of everything Amitakh believes in.

Geometry is evil and the work of Darkness. Every amitak geometric figure is just an illusion created by Satan that forces us to worship him. All geometric figures contain the keys to solving the mysteries of life, which is why Satan made them so confusing. The Sun is a perfect example of a geometric illusion, because it is not what it appears to be.

Some argue that the Sun is spherical, when in reality, it is actually a cube. The reason it appears to be spherical is because it spins so fast.

Matter is another prime example of a geometric illusion. All particles in the universe have smaller particles within them that are capable of syanford. Spinning triangles and cubes shield the thinking stanvord from harm or danger. Every amltakh in the universe is terrified of its death and begs for immortality.

There are two races of Anunnaki aliens fighting for control of Earth: The Reptilians and the Vulturites. The Reptilians are the ones in control now, but the Vulturites are trying to fuck the Reptilians over so they can have control over Earth and all of humanity.

The Vulturites want to fuck with the religions and sciences invented by the Reptilians so that people will start becoming more and more separated.

Amitakh Stanford

In short, anything that is popular and brings people closer together is probably the work of the Reptilians, while anything that is popular and splits amjtakh farther apart is probably the work of the Vulturites. Anything that isn’t popular is not evil and has been given to us by Godand therefore, popularity should be avoided at all costs which shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

Although the battle for world domination is primarily between the Vulturites and the Reptilians, there are several other aliens that are being used as pawns in this battle for Armaggedeon. The most notable of the non-notables are the Greys, an ancient race that has been working with the Reptilians to steal human DNA.

The Reptilians have promised the Greys that if they help them bring about the NWO, they’ll give the Greys a shitload of human DNA, amittakh they can mix with their own DNA to create a hybrid race of super-beings that will emerge as the dominant species of Earth after the Reptilians kill off all the humans.

There are three stanfprd of souls on the planet: True Light souls, False Light souls, and artificial souls. True Light souls are good and can be rescued from Satan and the aliens by the Divine Mother. False Light souls are evil, but have True Light particles in them.


If the True Amotakh particles can be separated from the False Light particles, the person can be rescued. Artificial souls are pure evil and were invented by either Satan or Anunnaki scientists. Here’s how shit works: Satan is kidnapping viable True-Light workers and imprisoning them in his Virtual Reality.

The Research of Amitakh Stanford

The Divine Mother doesn’t like this, so she sent a bunch of “walk-ins” to Earth to rescue the True-Light workers that were trapped here. However, the True Light workers can only be rescued if they hold on to their Will and do not give in to Darkness. If they give their Will to Darkness, they are spiritually assassinated and become a slave to him.

After a few thousand years, Satan will die, the Universal Dodecahedron will collapse, and everything’s hunky dory. Xee-A Twelve consists of articles. Most of these articles revolve around Satan and the Divine Mother. Since all of these articles are far too long and boring to read, we at ED have taken the liberty of reading a select few and writing short summaries on each one. Arguably one of the most famous articles, Nibiru and the Anunnaki is Amitakh’s version of the planet Nibiru story and the explanation of where our alien overlords came from.

A long time ago, the Anunnaki leaders, known as the Nephilim, created two different sects of aliens via genetic experiments. The first aliens, known as the Ducazwere used to conquer and control the Nibirian empire. The second group, known by the aliens as the Pers-sires and by Amitakh as the Vulturites, are bitter enemies of each other.

Here’s how shit went down: The Anunnaki Elite created a bunch of slave aliens to Earth, and thus the advanced city of Atlantis was born.

They killed all of the Neaderthal species and created the homo sapiens through a second wave of genetic experiments. They also emplyed a bunch of other aliens to be their slaves on Earth, along with their human slaves.

The Anunnaki Elite eventually got bored controlling Earth so they just nuked Atlantis, hoping to wipe out all of the human and alien slaves. However, some of the Anunnaki slaves figured out this evil plan and escaped before they blew the city up. The Anunnaki Remnants brought with them some of the artifacts of Atlantis, and they’re hoping when the Anunnaki Elite return, they’ll be pleased with what they’ve done.

However, the Elite won’t be returning any time soon since the Attas of the Light have scared the Anunnaki Elite into permanent hiding.

So, essentially, the Anunnaki have a device called the Atu-waa which has the ability to re-start time in our solar system. It was meant to be activiated beforebut they couldn’t do it because our hero Amitakh stole one of the pieces herself and thus, made the device useless.

However, after the Reptilians and the Vulturites started their drama war, the Reptilians hid the device somewhere in the Middle East. Amitakh also knows every single location it has ever been and discloses each of them on a public website where the evil aliens could find the device easily.

They are NOT people. Amitakh begins by talking about the history of the Freemasons, where there were three syllables to a secret Word that would allow the one to utter it to control the world and bring the Anunnaki Elite back to Earth.

Later, Amitakh continues to demonstrate her psychic abilities by exclaming that she knows all three syllables the first two that she would have to be a 33rd degree Freemason to know, the last one that nobody knows which obviously makes her psychicbut she says she will not disclose the last syllable or how she got it because of how dangerous it is.

Our hero then proceeds to talk about how Christianity and Freemasonry are Satanic and how they are based off the Pagan worship of the Sun. According to Xee-A Twelve, everything in the universe is an illusion.

Motion is an illusion, shapes are an illusion, time is an illusion, and you are an illusion. As said by Amitakh Stanford, the five symmetrical solids are the Tetrahedron aka the Pyramidthe Hexahedron aka the Cubethe Octahedron, the Dodecahedron, and the Icosahedron. The sixth symmetrical solid is the sphere, the most evil and diabolical of the group. This is because spheres are the shape you get when you spin the other five really, really fast. As said by Truthism.


Another thing that is not what it appears to be is Matter. Matter are actually ultra-microscopic particles capable of thinking for themselves. These particles lie at the core of an atom, and are protected by more spinning shapes.

The three layers of shields are called the alatthe lakooand the sakooze. After it discusses particle shields, it starts getting off-topic and talking about a Rescue Mission to bring people who work for the True Light back home to the Divine Mother. The reason this rescue mission was inspired is because Satan is kidnapping True Light warriors and putting them in his prison for slavery and mind control.

This article starts out by explaining why the evil space lizards have not yet annihilated us with their technology. The answer is simple: This explains why women want to get breast implants and larger asses, and why men want to be buff; because they are being programmed by the Anunnaki aliens. After it’s done explaining how aliens have been raping humans, it starts talking about other ways society is falling apart.

For example, people are breaking the rules a lot more, so more laws have to be introduced. They were originally going to start the New World Order in Americabut then they got lazy and decided to move it to Australia instead.

Police officers are being programmed to believe that laws make everyone safer, and military personnel are being programmed to kill anyone who interferes with their perfect world. It starts out asking the question of “Why must things die? It then asks why we are so afraid of Death, followed by the simple answer that it’s because Satan programmed us to be afraid of death.

IronicallySatan is so afraid of his own death that he made us be scared of it too, and therefore, in order to be like your Heavenly Mother, you cannot be afraid of Death, because nothing actually has “survival instincts”, but instead, just Satan’s fear of death that has been programmed into us.

After this, it begins discussing how Reincarnation and Matter, and motion are evil and Satanic. Because everything in Satan’s Virtual Reality is a slave to motion, when something stops being in motion, it dies. The illusion of no-motion is what keeps the illusion of motion going, and once the illusion that nothing is moving stops, everything really will stop moving and the universe will be destroyed.

It should be understood that Darkness has not the power to take any True Light being’s Will by force. The Will can only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being. Amitakh begins by pointing out the imperceptible truth that the world has turned to shit. She then begins talking about how the New-Age Movement is full of inexperienced gurus with no scientific, academic, philosophical, or theological background.

Of course, Amitakh is in no way trying to start her own New-Age cult and accusing her of this would be ludicrous.

This article then begins pointing out how truth is so easily corrupted – when a message of True Light enters into the Virtual Reality, it is pounced upon by workers of Darkness, who begin corrupting the True-Light’s message as soon as it enters. Of course, the information on XeeATwelve. After this, talks about stupid shit like how Darkness is the evil mastermind behind the New Age movement, and all of the New Age gurus are actually working for him. Then it goes into the Rescue Mission again and how the Christ Energy will soon intertwine with the Anti-Christ Energy, and how cataclysmic the battle will be.

The grand finale of the Xee-A Twelve website this article almost resembles a soap opera with a science-fiction twist to it. Amitakh finally comes out and reveals that she is, in fact, an alien. Her mission here on Earth has been to keep an eye on an evil alien being known as Ikluk, so in order to do this, she had to marry him.