8 Atlante Italo-Svizzero (AIS), 2, 83, , –, n. 48 Atlante Sintattico Italia (ASIt) 1–2, , n. 49 Atlante Sintattico Italia Settentrionale (ASIS), 1–3, . [It. translation: “Ais – Atlante Linguistico ed Etnografico dell’Italia e della Svizzera Meridionale. Vol. 1: Fondamenti Critici e Introduzione. Vol. 2: Scelta di Carte. Introducción a los problemas y métodos según los principios de la Escuela Dialectométrica de Salzburgo (con ejemplos sacados del “Atlante Italo-Svizzero”, AIS).

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Zeutschel OS colour scanner. The software was planned as a stand alone application, but also as a preliminary tool for an ISTC current project, aiming to acquire all the about 1 M dialectal words in the atlas. By a lucky chance, a friend told the author that the Padua municipal archives had at disposal a Zeutschel OS colour scanner, which could work at dpi, supported the A1 format and provided a book cradle Fig.

L’atlante linguistico, quindi rappresenta uno strumento fondamentale per lo studio della geografia linguistica. It is possible to select the desired list of points to explore them sequentially. The top toolbar shows the zoom and print buttons, and the buttons to move from a point to another.

On the field, the data collection was carried out, between anditapo places scizzero southern Switzerland, and north and central Italy, by Paul Scheuermeier, in 81 places of southern Italy by Gerhard Rohlfs, and in 20 Sardinian places by Max Leopold Wagner.

The names of the investigation places are, optionally, overwritten in blue. This kind of scanner can acquire a double A2 page, placing the book on 2 balanced plates which give the pages an uniform compression against the scan glass surface.

To achieve this job in an optimal way, the program exploit the orange borders present in all the AIS pages svjzzero the prefaces Fig. Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. Fra i raccoglitori, bisogna ricordare almeno la singolare figura di Ugo Pellis. We need then atalnte prepare the map for the next step, adjusting the image contrast. In this case the intensity values of the rotated image are weighted to lower values to produce darker colours. Svizzefo troppe esperienze dicono che queste “grandi imprese” non hanno vita troppo felice nella nostra tradizione di studi linguistici.


At dpi resolution, the time for acquiring, running a mask contrast filter, and storing the data, was about 4 m. The third window offers some search facilities on Italian index words and on the place names right box of Fig.

Anuario del Seminario de Filología Vasca “Julio de Urquijo”

Cliccate sul pulsante a destra per scaricarlo Innanzi tutto ringrazio gli organizzatori e i famigliari di Salvatore Boniello per avermi invitato. We repeat the svizzedo process on the output image, to obtain the final foreground component. On the left top box, the Overview window which allows to move in the whole map.

Then, the rotation angles of the frame sides can be computed with svizzsro Radon transform, which has the remarkable capacity to extract lines and curves from very noisy images.

Per la precisione, il mio proposito era quello di realizzare un saggio di dizionario della parlata guardieseredatto secondo i canoni della lessicografia scientifica che erano oggetto del corso universitario.

Atlante linguistico

Personalmente, non sono di questo avviso: In the following years Scheuermeier did continue the work in ihalo Italy in different stages untilto improve the AIS ethnographic aspects [4].

This is important for the map visualization, but more essential for the following text recognition task. L’atlante linguistico, quindi rappresenta uno strumento fondamentale per lo studio della geografia linguistica Indice. As told before, we plan to acquire the entire AIS. The edges are defined at the points where the gradient of input matrix is maximum.

Salvatore Boniello e gli studi dialettali

The procedure automatically cut out the image to reduce the size to the minimum possible, with the sufficient intelligence to avoid the inclusion of a part of the contiguous page. Li vediamo un po’ come dei concorrenti senza licenza e siamo piuttosto restii ad attribuire alle loro opere un valore reale. La ricerca della memoria.

To move in the AIS map, we provide an overview window, which is a miniature of the entire map left box of Fig. Only just some years ago, it was not possible to find devices able to scan documents of A1 or A2 size with the required resolution, and it was also not so easy to transfer the data in a quick and suitable way. So, it was necessary to write a svizzsro routine that could force the memorization of this kind of data in only one bit.


Foreground and background components saving atlahte. We run a median filter on the resulting image, i. The retrieval of a single lemma in 8 volumes and pages could require an eternity in comparison with a digital search engine. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

Atlante linguistico – Wikipedia

The names of the investigation places are overwritten in blue. First of all, the obvious necessity to exploit adequately the enormous quantity of information contained in the atlas. So, it was necessary for the author to spend some weeks in the search svuzzero a possible solution, asking, without results, publishers, pressmen and photographs. Fatta l’Italia, occorreva fare non solo gli italiani, ma anche l’italiano, inteso come lingua nazionale, scritta e parlata.

Left side detail of an AIS captured frame.

The dialectal words are black colored on a white background, while the identification number of AIS points and the regional borders are in red. Moreover the AIS maps suffer from a atlantw of legibility, because the words are only indexed with an identifier number without any place name. A questa penetrazione della lingua nazionale ha fatto da contraltare, se non la paventata “morte dei dialetti”, una loro rapida evoluzione, un mutamento di cui i primi ad essere coscienti sono proprio i parlanti.

Si tratta di un indirizzo di studi della dialettologia tradizionale che sta tornando di moda.