In a recent paper by Krull (I), Cotylophoron cotylophorum was reported from Puerto Rico, and it was shown by experiments that in the United States a snail. The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Eumetazoa › Bilateria › Platyhelminthes › Trematoda › Digenea › Plagiorchiida › Pronocephalata › Paramphistomoidea › Paramphistomidae › Cotylophoron.

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J Appl Anim Res. Treatment of fish parasites Stitt AW, Fairweather I.

Unreviewed – Annotation score: GO – Cellular component Mitochondrion mitochondrion Source: Select the link destinations: Complete detachment of tegumental layer was observed in Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure 2b ]. Tegument of the control flukes shows smooth spineless tegument followed by subtegumental layer [ Figure 2a ].

The swelling of the intracellular organelles may be attributed to a change in cottylophoron tegumental permeability of the apical plasma membrane of the fluke as proposed by Anderson and Fairweather in Fasciola hepatica treated with diamphenethide.

The SEM micrograph of treated flukes showed the appearance of few blebs near the cotylophoruk region and rupture of the dorsal surface of the tegument. Photomicrographs of the tegument, posterior sucker and parenchyma of untreated Cotylophoron cotylophorum and those treated with aqueous extract of pods of Acacia concinna 0.


Nuclear indentation, cytoplasmic autolysis, and mitochondrial abnormalities cotylopnoron the other prominent observations. Further, ultrathin sections 1 nm were cut using leica ultramicrotome. The edema spreads internally to affect subtegumental region.

Profound damage to the eggs such as disintegration of the yolk cells was observed in Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure 3h ]. The parenchyma of untreated fluke appeared intact [ Figure 2e ]. R7R8I5 Primary citable accession number: Ruptured teguments with blebs were observed on the dorsal surface of Ac Cotylopborum flukes after 8 h of incubation [ Figure 1b ]. Please review our privacy policy.

Cotylophoron cotylophorum

Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the efficacy of Ac PE on the surface topography and various organ systems of C. The musculature of the posterior sucker of control fluke is strongly fotylophoron and is used for the attachment of the fluke to the host ruminal wall [ Figure 2c ]. Veerakumari L, Munuswamy N. Disruption of perinuclear membrane with spillage of cotylphorum material arrowhead Bar The eggs of the untreated flukes are oval in shape, with distinct yolk cells [ Figure 3g ].


Histopathological Technique and Practical Histochemistry. Severe cotylkphoron appeared in the parenchyma of Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure 2f ].


An immunofluorescent study of antigenic changes in the tegument during development in the rat and the sheep. Ac PE was much effective in disrupting the nuclear membrane.

Morphological and histological analysis of Cotylophoron cotylophorum treated with Acacia concinna

The reproductive organs were also severely damaged in Ac PE-treated flukes. The walls of the testes were lined by germinal epithelium where from the spermatocytes were formed and liberated into the lumen [ Figure 3c ].

Posterior sucker The musculature of the posterior sucker of control fluke is strongly developed and is used for the attachment of the fluke to the host ruminal wall [ Figure 2c ]. Detachment of tegumental layer was much profound in Ac PE-treated flukes [ Figure 4b ]. The lumen is lined by a columnar epithelium gastrodermiswhich rests upon a basement membrane [ Figure 3a ].

Kirsch R, Schleich H. Damage to the muscles associated with posterior sucker and those associated with motility may lead to loss of attachment and subsequent expulsion of the parasites from the host’s gut. July 24, Last sequence update: