UMETA hydraulic-type nipples are suitable for all standard lubrication points UMETA HYDRAULIC-TYPE GREASE NIPPLES ACCORDING TO DIN UMETA Hydraulic-Type Grease Nipples according to DIN UMETA hydraulic-type nipples are suitable for all standard lubrication points, which have to. grease fittings, thread forming grease fittings, drive type grease fittings, stainless steel grease fittings, monel grease fittings, metric grease fittings.

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Hydraulic grease fittings Type H1a, drive-in-version. UMETA hydraulic-type nipples are suitable for all standard lubrication points, which have to be frequently lubricated in a reliably way.

Wing screws and eye bolts. Shopping list is empty. There is no limit for the total amount of product rows.

Protection-Caps for Grease Nipples

Industrial tapes and marking products. Hydraulic grease fittings Type H1. Hexagon head screw plugs DIN M-thread. Material handling and furnishing. Barcodes for each product will be included in the list. Hexagon socket screw plugs DIN M-thread. Lubricating nipples DIN M-thread. You can add comments about the products on the list, and these will also be included on your printed shopping list.


Add products to Shopping list. Hexagon socket pipe plugs DIN M-thread. Hydraulic grease fittings Type H2a, drive-in-version. Tapping, drilling and taptite screws.

M. Brown | BSP Fittings (DIN ) – Hydrualic, Stainless, Pin Type, Button Head

Order by product code. In general, our hydraulic-type grease nipples according to DIN are made of steel, case-hardened, zinc-plated and passivated, and they are featured with a tapered thread. Fischer anchors and other fasteners. Transmission and conveyor components.

Hydraulic grease fittings Type H3. Hexagon head screw plugs DIN G-thread. For safety reasons and in order to avoid abrasion wear, the standard demands HV as a minimum for a surface hardness.

DIN A – Taper type grease nipples, short m. Allen, A = cone head straight / axial

After that paste the rows to text field below and click “Import”. All items on the shopping list will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered. Hydraulic grease fittings – special designs.

Hexagon socket pipe plugs DIN R-thread. Bitte geben Sie Ihre Suchbegriffe ein. Product added to standqrd list.

  IEEE 400.2 PDF

Hexagon socket head screws. Due to their multi-purpose field of application, they are the most commonly used types of grease nipples. Pins, dowels and keys. Of course, our hydraulic-type nipples are also available in different angle versions, with a self-forming thread, or as drive-in type. If you are a contract customer and wish to order products directly, please pick your products in the dinn shop instead.

Edit comment for product ” “. Therefore, we operate this decisive process in our own curing oven.