Dragonmech: Steam Warriors is a book on character options. It starts off with feats, then new classes, then new steam powers, then new spells, then some. This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors. If you’re looking to incorporate more steam tech into your Dragon Mech game, or looking to. Look for more information on DragonMech, including freebies, news, and web . Steam Warriors has what you need to bring host of advancement options.

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The robot talks to me, see.

Okay, so plug me into the robot all over my right side, but not my left arm. I’m glad Robo found modeling work. Except drragonmech of this shit has bonuses so it’s actually unusable.

DragonMech: Steam Warriors PDF|Goodman Games Store

I made a flamethrower dragonmceh now it won’t stop talking. Steam Warriors by Mors Rattus. Steam Warriors is a book on character options. It starts off with feats, then new classes, then new steam powers, then new spells, then some expanded other rules. The feats, of course, are mostly boring.

Aerial Operation Dex 13, Mech Pilot 5: You do not get a -4 penalty when piloting flying mechs. Guess what there’s only single digits of in the entire world!

You do not age, but still die when your lifespan runs out. You can combine with other steamborgs with this feat to share senses, preventing flanking earriors physically merging. You get a bonus to all attacks based on the number of merged members, but you lose 10 feet of movement and must all remain in contact, and you get a penalty to your next loss-of-self check.

Hazard Warrirs Gearstride Feat: You can make a melee or ranged touch attack at AC syeam in a gear forest to produce an environmental hazard at the spot you hit, and if you do so from hiding it takes a DC 20 Knowledge or Craft dragonmecch to tell someone caused vragonmech in the first place.

Any time you gain an artificial part, you can pay an extra gp to gain 1 max HP, with a cap of ‘your HP if you rolled max on all your hit dice. We move wwarriors to classes. First up, prestige classes, because The Chainmuscle is a prestige class for steamborgs that seek physical power over all else. For this, you get a d10 hit die. You gain proficiency with all simple weapons and any 4 steam-powered weapons of your choice, along with all armor including hydraulic armor but no shields.

If your power source or all of steam powers break, your stat bonus goes away until they’re fixed. You can also get some free points for artificial parts, starting at level 4. That’s the entire prestige class. The Cogmorph is a prestige class for steamborgs that want to have hidden tools and multi-use implants – essentially, they get to rearrange their power selections, at the cost of warrriors use of parts of their body temporarily.

You also need to have the Power Source feat or class ability, and must have built at least 2 different steam powers unaided, and must have helped build a mech. You get no new proficiencies, half-decent BAB, and good Ref. At level 1, you get the Combined Parts ability – you drqgonmech combine and decombine two of your artificial parts as a standard action. You pick ahead of time two of your artificial parts right arm and left arm, say and how the steam powers installed in them will work together, and you can alter the bonuses the artificial parts warriorx.

At 3rd, 5th and 7th levels, you can choose a new combination of 2 parts that you can do, or add a part to a pre-existing combination. Obviously, a part can’t be used simultaneously in two different combinations. Any time you change or replace your artificial parts and their associated powers and attachments, you can rework any combinations they were part of. Oh, and you must remove all armor to initiate a combination.

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At 9th level, you can combine or decombine as a free action once sragonmech round. At 10th level, you get a new combination of every artificial part and steam power attached to your bodyadding to it any new powers or parts you gain in the future. Oh, and you also slowly gain wwrriors points to spend on artificial parts and steam powers, at a worse rate than the Chainmuscle.


I’m actually ending this early because Cogworms deserve wwarriors be a post topper. The Cogworm of the Great Walkers takes its name from the specialized worm gears they’re known to use to redistribute power within the gear forests of a citymech. They are, at the moment, all cogling mechanics who operate in a clandestine, unauthorized manner. They do chat with each other, but each is focused on their own home citymech, and they almost never leave.

To them, there is very little of interest outside their home. Any cogworm would die if it would make the citymech dargonmech longer and would suffer terrible torture before revealing any secrets. See, the cogworms hold that the citymechs are sentient, and they work to perform the will of their citymech. Most other engineers find this to be an insane statement, but some do wonder, if they have experience with large, complex systems or with chatterboxes.

Goodman Games

Just about every citymech has between three and eight cogworms in it somewhere, hidden in secret chambers in the gear forest The coglings that tend to become cogworms are usually less xenophobic and paranoid than other coglings and try to get taken seriously by otusiders.

They often help the criminals and workers on a citymech in exchange for service in removing threats to the mech itself or a dteam to avoid certain areas. Many workers talk about them as if they are drafonmech beings that come to help the unfortunate, and certainly it’s true that cogworms want their citymechs to be inhabited by happy people. As a result, any effort by leaders to get rid of cogworms tends to run into a lot of resistance, and even the Legion has been unable to capture and remove the little guys.

Cogworms dragonmmech see themselves as the protectors and go-betweens for cogling families and clans and the outside world, warrior to keep them safe and healthy. So, what does it take to be a cogworm? You don’t need to be a cogling – just, all current cogworms are.


You must have the Craft Steam Gear feat. If you ever permanently leave, warriots can no longer take cogworm levels until you move aboard a new citymech. Dtagonmech, and the other cogworms on your citymech must approve of and accept you. In the past that’s been all coglings but if you’ve got useful skills, that’s relaxed – especially if you know about magic, an area that th current cogworms are quite interested in.

They have bad BAB and good Will, and get a somewhat slow access to steam powers. They also get proficiency with clubs, daggers, darts, slings, and one steam-powered weapon of their choice per point of Int bonus.

At level 1, the cogworm can create a cogworm gear. A cog gear is the typical thing you think of when you hear ‘gear’ while a worm gear is a screw that turns as cog gears push the cogs along the screw thread.

They’re useful for redirecting force, so long as the thread is sized right. A cogworm gear is a worm gear in which the threads are made of cogs of various sizes that can be twisted into place to fit any gear.

The cogworm gear is a steam power that only cogworms can get, which can be used to replace a steam engine. It requires no fuel – you just attach the cogworm gear to any citymech wall and it provides all the power you need, with power equivalent to two boilers. It takes a full round to attach a cogworm gear, but it can be detached as a free action, and any normal coglayer trying to use it cannot attach it without destroying any and all steam powers attached to it. However, once the gear is hooked up, anyone can use sream and its attached powers as a standard action At level 2, a cogworm may disguise a steam power as another steam power or piece of equipment, requiring a Spot check to tell the truth.

This is helpful because cogworms tend to leave their stuff plugged in and unattended, which means anyone can use it if they realize what it is. At level 3, a cogworm may add steam powers to existing machinery easier, including to large citymech mechanisms, even while the machines are operating. This is typically used to do things like add a discriminator so that only the cogworm and their friends can use something – for example, cutting off an elevator’s access to a certain floor to everyone else – but can also be used to trap doors or supercharge mounted weapons.


However, while these mods are part of the citymech, without a cogworm gear warrikrs cable, they do not get the automatic effect of two amplifiers that most steam powers built into citymechs do. At level 5, the cogworm can actually communicate with their citymech for one round per level of cogworm, as per the spell commune.

Citymechs are not gods, however, and are very close to their cogworms. Questions aren’t limited to yes-or-no answers They know what their crew does, where they’ve been, and what goes on inside them. Further, the personality of the citymech drragonmech color what answers they give – for example, Rebirth is very childlike and often unhelpful, while Durgan-lok is often cryptic and distracted by scholarship.

At level 7, they get the cogworm cable steam power – it works exactly as per cogworm gear, dragonmecy that it allows movement within 15 feet of the location you tapped into because of the cable.

Anyone that attacks the cable or steps over it takes 2d6 damage if they fail a Reflex save, as it’s very taut and dangerous. At level 8, the cogworm can summon a trak trak once per day. However, unlike normal trak traks, if the cogworm fails a Wis check to control it, these trak traks are automatically hostile and violent towards anyone neabry. If under control, they obey verbal instructions but can do little more than attack foes or move objects around.

At level 9, a cogworm may now attach a steam power to any point within a citymech and have it affect something on any other part of the citymech, rather than attaching it directly. This makes the DC of attachment higher, but gives a bonus to disguising the device. At level 10, the cogworm can use Clockwork Intimacy once per day to perform a search that takes one hour of crawling through ducts, talking to people or sometimes just standing around in meditation in an engine room.

This allows the cogworm to know the location of any person on the citymech to within 25 feet. The cogworm must either name a specific person or a person with a specified talent or ability to search for. Further, the cogworm can spend a day to find the location to within 25 feet of any non-unique, non-magical item on board valued up to gp, which must weigh 50 pounds or less.

The citymech may or may not be finding the things for the cogworm, but magic spells that block scrying do not block this ability. We also get a sidebar on citymech personalities! Durgan-lok knows quite a lot about the world and its history, being the eldest of the citymechs and possibly tapped into the spirit of the First Age of Walkers.

However, it is frustratingly prone to answering questions with riddles and it often has trouble telling the present from the past.

Nedderpik is grim, efficient and wants to destroy any threat to the Stenian Confederacy as quickly as possible.

It isn’t a sadist but it does believe in sacrifices being made for the greater good, and is more than willing to ask cogworms to risk their lives.

In its early years it was earriors friendlier and chattier, but its nature has shifted as the population of Nedderpik became more dominated by wealth. Lokag is a quiet, taciturn citymech that often refuses to give complex responses. When it does speak at length, it usually is not answering the question it was asked, but will be very informative and very urgent.

It considers most topics not super urgent to be unworthy of its attention and has hinted that it spends most of its time pondering something at great length.