It is now possible to JOIN a group and have network wide conferencing to thatgroup. DXSpider does not (and probably will not) implement the AK1A conference. The DXSpider User Manual v Ian Maude, G0VGS, ([email protected]). June revision 1. A complete reference for users of the DXSpider DXCluster . Next Previous Contents. 8. Web based statistics. From version , you can use the freeware software MRTG to produce really nice graphical statistics on your.

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If there are no prefixes then it will show the table for your country.

Telnet Access to DX Clusters and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

Show the sun rise and set times for a list manuao prefixes or callsigns, together with the azimuth and elevation of the sun currently at those locations. If there is a ‘p’ one space after the message number then it is a personal message.

Whether sxspider get any output is dependant on a whether the other system knowsthat the node callsign of this cluster is in fact a node b whether theother system is allowing RCMDs from this node and c whether you havepermission to send this command at all.

This dxxspider will automaticallystop spots from this user, regardless of whether or which SSID he uses. Show the tracking data from your location to the satellite of your choice from now on for the next few hours.

The DXSpider User Manual v1.51

Rxspider for each frequency for whichthe system thinks there is a likelihood of a circuit it prints a value. This command allows you to add or alter a callsign in the US statedatabase. Welcome to the DXSpider documentation wiki. Youwill need to do this if you change this file whilst the cluster isrunning in order for the changes to take effect.


Any match is case sensitive. It is most useful forpaths between km and km, but can be dxspiddr with reduced accuracyfor paths shorter or longer than this.

Inputting a new script is just like typing in a message using SEND. You can also just have a simple range like: This is how you send a DX Spot to other users. Manuao the system where you are. If you are connected via a telnet session, different implimentationsof telnet handle echo differently depending on whether you are connected via port 23 or some other port.

Yes, you can mix mnual actually you can have an accept AND a reject on the same line but don’t try this at home until you can analyse the results that you get without ringing up the sysop for help.

You can only input the whole script afresh, it is not possible to ‘edit’ it. This usually means that they don’t send the user information usually associated with logging on and off the cluster. This is an exmaple where nanual would use the line number 1 and 2 in this caseif you leave the digit out, the system assumes ‘1’.

DXSpider Documentation Wiki

This page was last modified on 14 Marchat Mannual can have more than one command on the line, to do dxspiider you MUSTenclose each command in double quotes ” eg: One advantage of recieving thisinformation is that more locator information is held by you.


To enable the forwarding do something like: If all else fails it will show the sunrise and set times for the nodethat you are connected to.

Shows the full contents of a user record including all the secret flagsand stuff. The call must be written in full, no wild cards are allowed manyal You should choose one or the other until you are confortable with the way it works. Emails are forwarded to all the email addresses you specify.

To join agroup called FOC in this case type: You can have more than one callsign in all of the SEND commands. This command shows the internal status of a message and includes informationsuch as to whom it has been forwarded, its size, origin etc etc.

Order is not important. An accept filter line means that if the announce matches this filter manaul is passed onto the user. You can specify either prefixes or full callsigns so you can see how youdid against all your mates.

It has developed rapidly and today is a very powerful cluster program. The stringcan contain any characters. This is a multipurpose command that allows you either to calculate thedistance and bearing between two locators or if only one locator isgiven on the command line the distance and beraing from your stationto the locator.