Personal Collection. all cards, all new, all mine Work of Harry Lorayne. pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc. Illustrated with drawings by . Harry Lorayneâ€&#x;s. Personal Collection all cards, all new, all mine. Books by Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic • Personal. Fantasystore! Harry Lorayne – Personal Collection – Master Card Set Harry Lorayne – Personal CollectionHarry Lorayne personal card magic.

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Related to Lecture Notes Harry Lorayne. After all, there are MANY fabulous card tricks already. It’s Not Easy To Lie. Inspired by Double Take Harry Lorayne If it had come by post office, it wouldn’t have come at all! The effect “Special Bonus” item near the end of the book was developed by Harry and close friend Harvey Cohen no relation! I’d bet a case of red-backed Bicycles, however, that almost every hobbyist, amateur, and professional magician who does some card magic has been taught or influenced by Lorayne’s writings at some point.

I would have bought it no matter what he said, but the way he went on! Diplopia by Paul Vigil. Also published here Pleasing Combination Harry Lorayne Double Down Under Location. He said it was to contain all of his best stuff that he never wanted to give away, etc.

But this may very well be the last book of his own card magic we will ever see. This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included. If any of you out there have the deluxe editions of the two Elmsley volumes, it’s easy to see that one slipcase fits and the other doesn’t. My Persobal Keeper, Cont’d.

Inspired by Color Quickie Harry Lorayne One way of getting rid of that overprinting of books the 10 percent more is to give them away unnumbered, or make them review copies, or publisher’s presenation copies. Still, I wouldn’t sell it at twice the price, and I did recently sell hundreds of my magic books. My point in bringing this up is that Dominion has in the past made slipcases that did not fit. The performer not only divines the thought-card, but also shocks the spectator when she finds that very card sitting on the palm of her hand.

  AFH 10-222 AND PDF

Having written and marketed just two books myself in the past couple of years, Lorayne’s output over the decades perwonal staggering to me. I was hoping the Collection would have been individually numbered instead of “one of in print”.

HaLo has a fan base like that. But I just feel like I “fell for” his hype about this book. As do I value my Fox cups I look at once every few months! HTML tags are not allowed. Also published here Platinum Discrepancy Harry Lorayne Nothing is left out of any of the explanations which are chock full of presentational direction as well as methodological direction; and his well-known “Afterthoughts” frequently deliver additional tips and helpful ideas or other avenues to follow with respect to the routine under discussion, or even an entire additional methodology.

Can you explain why?

The Magic Cafe Forums – Harry Lorayne’s Personal Collection

A Spell of Whether. Perhaps Best of Friends 3. It would be a good spot for him to unload some of the books. That means Harry may have 75 more or less books than the actual stated number. We may enjoy a new book by someone else. It is a “multiple-ending” kind of effect that really gets a great reaction.

And as far as the tricks that were printed in Genii, well no offense, but I hope the book contains better! I haven’t gotten much mail in weeks! Today is a wonderful day! Harry realizes something not everyone does: The selected card is now at the bottom of the packet. It’s my last book on cards. In the former routine the spectator freely indicates five cards, which she then narrows down to one card, which matches a previously placed open or, face-up prediction.


I had the luxury of seeing Harry perform many of his effects prior to the release of this book, so it was exciting to finally learn how he did them! Does numbered mean something like “number 87 of “?

Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne

Also published here Harreverse Harry Lorayne Unfortunately I had a very limited amount of time to absorb the content of the book in order to get this review to press for this issue of Genii, but I can say that it was time pleasantly spent, as this is collrction terrific book. The original printed book was a Limited Edition of only signed copies. As a side note, a fellow named Todd posted a review of “Personal Collection” in a new thread here on the forum, but I felt the approach he took was a bit less erudite than I’d like to see here, so I pegsonal the post and asked him to rewrite the review in a way that wouldn’t alienate some of our readers, then repost it in this thread as suggested by Dave Prouty–let’s try to keep all the Lorayne stuff in THIS thread.

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