In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys to creating walkability. Most of them also have something. Walkable City Rules. Steps to Making Better Places. pages 8 x 8 full -color photos/figures. Jeff Speck. Paperback. $ ISBN: In Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time (public library), city planner Jeff Speck, who spent four years leading.

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Books by Jeff Speck. Some good stories about successful examples. I am a firm believer in walkability being a solution for a lot of our modern problems, and this book reviews a 10 step solution in designing more walkable cities. Bit by bit, neighborhood after neighborhood, Americans can restore their urban fabric and create a nation of strong towns.

If these subjects interest you then I strongly recommend this book. Our goal is not to make cities where people can speed in and out of without delay.

Walkable City Rules

This charge would otherwise force up the price I had to charge my client. Building more highways brings more congestion, not less, and increases sprawl, so increases drive time. The sidewalks need not be wide to make a safe zone. For most of human history, cities were limited to the area that people could cover on foot within a day, but the advent of railed transportation and later cars expanded our ciy, and cities grew enormously, far beyond pedestrian access.

How do we, as the citizens of a town or city that could use some of what this book is prescribing, actually go about convincing our public officials to implement these steps?


If something is free, it is used up quickly. The result is more driving, longer distances, more fuel consumption, consequently more fuel tax revenue. What kind of city will walkale sustainable for generations to come? Rather, it is a simple, practical-minded solution to a host of complex problems that we face as a society, problems that daily undermine our nation’s economic competitiveness, public welfare, and environmental stability.

A bike lane can carry more people per hour than an automobile lane. The New York Times. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to make their place better. Lots of good ideas here.

Walkable City Rules

We’re also told that Zipcars are helpful. I never realized how many factors go into city planning- We live in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, a city that has taken a number of steps to make our city more walkable. Many cities REQUIRE businesses to provide free parking — an addiction made into law — so naturally our downtowns are sprinkled with parking lots that separate the stores, and make it impossible to walk around. There is no single document poised to have a greater positive impact wallable our communities and on the practice of urban planning than this comprehensive and engaging text.

All of this is designed to cut down on unnecessary traffic, and he ends suggesting that congestion pricing charging people to drive in congested areas or ciry of day is a smart answer and worked well for London. Friday, 9 November – 7: I didn’t think I’d make it past the first 10 pages or so but I’m glad I stayed with it.


Lincoln Street in San Jose. CDC, fully one-third of American children born after will become diabetics.

Just as Suburban Nation was a fundamental book for understanding the ueff of American urbanism, Walkable City is its complement, a comprehensive citizen’s guide for advocacy, giving people an idea of what measures they can work to effect on the local scale.

Aug 11, Aude Hofleitner rated it it was amazing. Many American cities blocked streets only to find the area die, and many walking streets have been reverted.

Dec 24, John Owen rated it really liked it.

I live in a small city that I believe must grow and attract more forward looking people as the pressures of scarcity boil and roil against the suburban drug we’ve been binging on for the last fifty years. Right-Size the Number of Lanes X.

Great easy to understand intro to the basics if making a city friendly to people on ctiy. The Cheonggyecheon story is so intriguing that it deserves its own book And if your housing in the city centre is entirely pedestrianized with no parking spaces, how do they get to you in the first place? The state always requires widening – which is precisely what kills the walkability of fity town.

Jeff Speck is an especially able author and instructor in his field of architecture and urban planning.