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KIA324P Datasheet

Re building a 20W subwoofer amplifier. Thread starter CalcProgrammer1 Start date Jul 17, CalcProgrammer1 New Member Jul 17, Well, my friend gave me an old PC speaker set. It was a 2. So, I took out the motherboard and looked to see what parts were available. I desoldered some chips.

There were 3 main ones: I went for the TDAB and wired it up on a circuit board. I basically built the “Double Bridging” circuit that the datasheet described, but using a plain old standard board from RadioShack.


This does work, but it isn’t great for subwoofer purposes. All frequencies come through I knew this would happen as there’s no EQ or crossover but when I play a low note using my PDA and a tone generatorthe volume is pretty quiet. I’m wondering if and how I could use the remaining chips darasheet make a preamplifier to boost the low signal from my PDA ki324p PC or other device to make the subwoofer louder.


Also, when no song or tone is playing, the amplifier will make random clicks, static, and buzzing sounds, but once I start playing music, it stops. Why would it do this, and what can I add to stop it?

KIA324P Datasheet

The TDA has four amplifiers. Two are a few Watts each for laft and right channels and two are bridged to supply 11W to a sub-woofer.

The datasheet shows a recommended pcb. Ok, my power supply is 12V. I’ve bridged both sides for two channels at 11W. Hooking up the speaker to just one side with one input, I get a pretty powerful subwoofer if dataasheet input is right.

With my computer, I was able to get a powerful bass output without any kind of extra amplifier. My speaker is 4 ohms Altec Lansing 6″ subwoofer. It seems to work fine, except I get a loud buzzing sound when it is plugged into a device that isn’t playing music.

KIAP (KEC) – Quad op Amp., Package = DIP, Operational Amplifiers

I also get a “popping” sound at a seemingly fixed interval, about once every second. This popping sound occurs even if it isn’t connected to anything, I’m suspecting it’s a capacitor charging and discharging, but I’m not sure. Is there any way you can use a capacitor to filter noise out of an input mia324p The kka324p recommended a 4.


I hooked the ground from the input signal to the common ground of the circuit, but I’m not sure if that adds any noise or not.

Also, the circuit works fine with my 12V mA RadioShack transformer plug well, except for the noisebut when I use the ” If you do not use the recommended pcb for an IC power amplifier then it might oscillate at a few hundred kHz which causes severe distortion and heating. Of course the input cables to any amplifier must be shielded audio cables to avoid mains hum and interference. You must log in or register to reply here.

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